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I Should Be Souvlaki At Home

The "One of Everything" Pack

The "One of Everything" Pack

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Hate making decisions? Us too!

Take the stress out of deciding what you want and let us take care of it, with the "One of Everything Pack"

By buying this pack VS purchasing these items individually, you're saving $15.00!

This pack includes:

1 x 1kg Souvlaki Chick'n

1 x 1kg Soy based Lamb (GF)

1 x 1kg Marinated Mushroom (GF)

1 x 1kg Ultimate Lamb

1 x 1kg Souvlaki Pork

1 x 10 pack of Pita Bread

1 x 200g Tzatziki

1 x 375g pack off Southern Fried Chick'n

1 x 250g of Salt & Pepper Calamari (GF)

1 x 375g of BBQ Chick'n

All items (except for tzatziki) can be frozen for up to 9 months!

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