Ordering: menu

What can I order?

All of our plant-based proteins, pita and tzatziki is available to order for delivery.

Cheesecakes and limited edition / specials aren't available for delivery.

Why can’t I have cheesecake delivered to me?

We would LOVE to be able to get our incredible cheesecake to all of the customers asking for it, however in our trials we have found that our handmade cheesecakes are not sturdy enough to withstand interstate travel. We are working on it!

Why can’t I order items for home delivery that are on your shop menu?

Our shop menu is designed for customers to eat in store or very soon after receiving. Our take home and frozen/chilled delivery menu is designed with transit in mind, so unfortunately we are unable to offer items from our Shop menu to our delivery customers.

Delivery options

When will I get my delivery?

Your estimated delivery date will be noted as you checkout as well as on your confirmation of order that will be emailed to you. Very rarely (and usually due to covid or flooding), there may be a slight delay of a day or two to get your items out to you. If this is the case, they will be kept in the temperature controlled, chilled warehouse of our logistics partner, Cool Cartons.

Can you deliver to me on a particular day/at a particular time?

Unfortunately, the dates/times of delivery cannot be set by us and is dependent on traffic, number of orders and the time the driver leaves the warehouse. However, live tracking is available.

Do you do express same-day delivery?

We wish! Hopefully one day we will be able to offer a service where you can order anytime and receive ASAP but at this stage we are only able to do one-off delivery runs to each area.

Do you offer a pick-up point?

Unfortunately not at this stage – our logistics partner only offers a door to door service.

Do the items come frozen?

All of our delivered items come to you chilled so you can then break up our larger packs of protein to eat over many meals or to eat part of now and freeze the rest.

What will my goods be delivered to me in?

Your orders will be delivered in cardboard boxes, coming to you in refrigerated trucks/vans.

I’ve gone to order and what I wanted is sold out – why is that?

We work out of a very small kitchen and while our team are miracle workers, there is a limit to the amount of each product that we can manufacture for each delivery run. As we also only deliver at most once per month, we find that some customers will purchase 10+ of some items (we are looking at you, Southern Fried Chick’n!) which can mean that things sell out quickly. We would recommend that you add yourself to our mailing list and order ASAP after the announcement to avoid disappointment.

My order was denied and refunded to me – why is that?

Unfortunately if you order after cut off time there is a possibility that your order will be denied and the amount that you paid refunded back to you. We have to set cut-off times in order to ensure that we can order ingredients and manufacture all of the ordered products in time for delivery.

Delivery: areas and pricing

Your website says you don’t deliver to me – why is that?

At this stage we are governed by where and when our logistics partner can deliver to each area. This means that we do not have the freedom to deliver everywhere. So sorry!

I’ve had deliveries from you before but now the website won’t let me order. What happened?

During the lockdowns we were so grateful that we had drivers from all over who could make deliveries for us, however with moving to a more streamlined logistics service, we are governed by where they deliver to and when they deliver to these areas. We are always working on expanding, however!

My delivery fee has gone up – why?

Great question! During the lockdown period, we used our own delivery drivers (most of whom had lost work due to the lockdowns) to do our deliveries. However, after the lockdowns, this was not an option for us anymore and we soon realised that we needed to move to a smoother system that provides a level of tracking for our customers and more temperature control. This new system means your order will be delivered to you with real time tracking and temperature control from our store to your front door. With this does come a price increase but please note – Between pickup fees, interstate haulage, fuel levies and the like, It can cost up to $30 per delivery to get a carton from Sydney to an interstate location and to the door of our customers. I Should be Souvlaki subsidise this delivery fee significantly to make it more affordable for customers to order from us, but unfortunately we cannot shoulder it all. We also offer free delivery when you order over a certain amount with us, depending on your location.

Why are your delivery fees more expensive than when I purchase from Amazon/Asos etc?

This is a great question – the reasons that our delivery fees are a little more expensive are because of temperature and volume – big companies can afford to price their delivery fees lower as they do heavy volume and therefore get major discounts from delivery companies who want their significant business. At this point in time, we do not have the facilities or demand to do the volume that would attract a lower delivery fee for us, which we could then pass onto our customers. Secondly, we send all of our items via refrigerated transport, meaning that our fees are higher as we guarantee that our food will be kept in chilled food safe temperatures.

Delivery: getting your goods!

How can I track my order?

Your tracking link will be emailed/text to you the day before your expected delivery. Please note that the I Should be Souvlaki team have no control over your delivery time once your items are in transit so please use the Cool Cartons tracking link to track your order.

Will the driver call me on arrival?

No. The driver will knock on your door and try to make contact with you. If you aren’t home, they will take a photo and text to you of where they left your item. Unfortunately these drivers are on a time crunch so they can’t call everyone on arrival but you can use your live tracking which will keep you updated with estimated times. Cool, huh?!

What if I’m not home?

If you aren’t home, the driver will pop your box in a safe place but unfortunately there is not much more they can do. We recommend checking your tracking via the link sent to you, so you can be sure to be home. If you are going to be at work on a delivery day, please consider putting down your work address so you will be available to take your order from the driver. You are also welcome to put an eski or cooler outside of your front door with a note and the drivers will do their best to put your order in there (if it fits!)

It’s after cut off and I want to change my delivery address or delivery day. Can I do this?

Unfortunately not – after cutoff all of our delivery addresses are uploaded into the delivery system and from there we are unable to change it. So please double check your delivery address before checking out.

Products and cooking

How will I know how to cook the items I receive?

Your Order will come with a ‘Cooking and Storage instructions’ sheet which you can also find on our website.

What is the shelf life of your tzatziki?

14 days from arrival at your door

Can I freeze tzatziki?

PLEASE DON’T! Freezing the tzatziki will make it inedible (believe us, we’ve made the mistake so you don’t have to!)

Apart from Souvlaki, what other meals can I make with your proteins?

We have customers that use our proteins to make fried rice, stews, pizza, pies, pasta and everything in between!

Why are your proteins a bit more expensive than what I would find at a supermarket?

With companies that you can purchase at the supermarket, their products are made by machines. Our products are made by hand by incredible humans who are paid fair wages. This is more expensive. But with us you are buying from a small business, that takes great pride in what we do. We are also a 100% vegan company, run by vegan owners (not just people wanting to cash in on “the vegan market”.). Your purchase will never be used to fund non-vegan causes.

In order to make a souvlaki like I’ve had at your store or at a market, what do I need apart from a pack?

All you need is lettuce, tomato and red onion!


What is the difference between your proteins? What are they made of?

We have four key “Souvlaki” proteins:> Chick’n Protein – made from wheat> Soy Lamb (Original) – made from Soy> Mushroom Lamb (New & Improved) – made from mushrooms> Pork Protein - made from wheatAll of the above proteins are marinated for 60 hours in our hand crafted marinades, made from fresh herbs, spices and a good dash of Greek olive oil! Our other proteins include our Southern Fried Chick’n Protein, BBQ Chick’n Protein (both made from wheat) and our Salt & Pepper Calamari (made from konjac)

Are your products suitable for celiacs?

While we do take great care in our manufacturing process to ensure that there isn’t cross contamination, given that we prepare everything in a kitchen that also processes gluten, there is always a risk of cross contamination. So we would recommend those with celiac disease not purchase with us, just to be safe.

What on your "At Home" menu is GF?

Our GF items include both of our lamb style proteins, our tzatziki sauce and our Salt & Pepper Calamari.

Other help

What if I have a problem with my order?

We are here to help! Email us at hello@ishouldbe-souvlaki.com. Please refrain from calling our Newtown store as the team there is separate from the team that handles our deliveries so they won’t be able to help.

Why do you use plastic in your manufacturing?

At I Should be Souvlaki, we strive to use environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible. At our Newtown store, all of our takeaway packaging is made from plants and is 100% recyclable. Unfortunately our cryovac bags are plastic. At this stage there is only one company in Australia that manufactures biodegradable vacuum seal bags but they need a special vacuum machine that we do not have at this time. We are always looking at ways to be more environmentally conscious and friendly but we need to weigh up the cost for our customers and most importantly, the safety of our products during transit.

When are you opening a shop in Melbourne/Gold Coast/Perth, etc?

We would LOVE to open up in other areas! We are currently in the process of making sure our Newtown store is the best that it can be before we start branching out into other areas. Our customer experience is always our number one priority.