About Us



I Should Be Souvlaki Vegan Foods started off as a love story - the love of Emma for her boyfriend Adam and of Adam’s love for souvlaki!

Our story began when Emma and Adam began dating in 2014. At the time, Emma had been vegan for over 4 years and Adam was... not a vegan.  When Adam made the change for his own health, the welfare of animals and the future of the environment, he often remarked how the one thing that he would miss was the childhood favourite his Yia Yia (Greek for ‘Grandmother’) would cook for him - traditional Greek souvlaki.

As Emma is not one to back down from a challenge, she set out to find the perfect protein and create the perfect marinade to make all of Adam’s souvlaki dreams come true. After many months of trial and error, Emma did exactly that.

Emma and Adam started selling their souvlaki in 2017 at the monthly Sydney Vegan Market and quickly attracted a following. They now sell souvlaki to the crowds that surround their popular bright blue stall.

Nobody is more pleasantly surprised at their success than Adam (Emma always knew they had something special) and they are now thrilled to be adding a range of consumer packaged goods to their product line.

We believe that eating more ethically should never mean sacrificing eating the foods that bring us joy and we are thrilled to bring that joy from our kitchen to yours.